KL-Module - About us
  Hybrid Modules for analog Modular Synthesizers
Enhance your musical possibilities

Who is KL-Module?

I am no company, but I have a passion for modular synthesizers and want to increase the diversity and the musical possibilities in this field.

It would be arrogant to think I could be able to create better or better-sounding oscillators or filters. But that's not my goal. I want to develop different modules; modules which do not yet exist in Moog format® or which can be supplemented by new functions.

Apart from the sound, one reason why Moog enjoys such a good reputation is the high quality of manufacturing which is a guarantee for problem-free use even after many years. I am committed to this philosophy and that’s why I only use brandname products, particularly for mechanical components (potentiometers, jacks etc.). More information can be found on the “Technical” page.

Your opinion is important to me. This also applies to the development of new modules. Please let me know your wishes regarding new modules: "My Wish Module". On our side "Wishes" I will provide information about the requests we receive.