Welcome to KL-Module
  Hybrid Modules for analog Modular Synthesizers
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Welcome to KL-Module

I want to break down the barriers between analog and digital synthesizers and help to establish digital technology in the world of "analog modular synthesizers".

It is not my aim to compete with the well known manufacturers and to offer just the next VCO, but to develop modules which cannot - or only with difficulty - be built using pure analog technology. Some purists will not agree with this point of view, but I want to use the opportunities offered by microprocessors and other digital equipment and combine them with the flexibility and the user-interface of an analog modular synthesizer.

I will start with modules in Moog® format. You can choose between the power supply for „Club of the Knobs“® or „Synthesizers.com“®. Later I will also offer our modules as "Eurorack" compatible with „Doepfer“® power supply.

Who doesn't remember artists like Keith Emerson (ELP), Walter Carlos and Tomita, who broke down barriers more than 30 years ago and created new and exciting music with their modular systems. And today modular synthesizers are state of the art again.