KL-Module - Technical Informations
  Hybrid Modules for analog Modular Synthesizers
Enhance your musical possibilities
A few words about technology

I call my products "Hybrid Modules". That means that I do not only use "analog", but also use components which can rightly be called "digital". Examples of these are microprocessors or digital-to-analog converters.

The modules are compatible with at least +/- 12 volts up to +/- 15 volts and common ground.

If your power supply (eg, network part of "Synthesizers.com") also provides + 5 volts: Fine (we save ourselves the conversion to +5 volts, but this is not absolutely required). In this case, I will deliver your module with the appropriate connector on the board and you can easily connect the module to the existing "Cable Harness".

If you are the owner of a "Club Of The Knobs" system, please let me know when you order and your module will be delivered with a supply cable for their "Power Adapter".

All other required voltages will be generated on the module.

If you have a different power supply than the two mentioned, please send an e-mail to me and I will try to find a tailor-madesolution.

Quality is a must for me. That’s why all the components I use for our modules are only brandname products. This is particularly true for jacks and pots which have to be especially hard-wearing. The front panels and circuit boards are manufactured in Germany by renowned companies. As my modules often need LEDs, I have opted for the exclusive use of "Low Current LEDs" to keep the burden on your power supply as low as possible. This type of LED needs only about 10% of capacity compared to standard types.

If you have any further questions, please contact me.